Happy Thanksgiving, Canada | Vol. 3 / No. 50.1

Photo: Steve Jurvetson, CC BY 2.0

If you’re not aware, it’s Thanksgiving in Canada, which once started out as a harvest festival (which is why it’s earlier in the colder north of the continent than in the south) and is now a long weekend for seeing family and trying not to have an argument about politics over the dinner table with a distant relative you wouldn’t normally hang out with. It’s also, as the name suggests, a time to be thankful.

So in honour of Canadian Thanksgiving (or, as Canadians call it “Thanksgiving”) we’d like to first to be thankful for all our Canadian friends, family, and readers, and also to celebrate one of our favourite Canadians, for whom we’re very thankful indeed.

Chris Hadfield, you’re the best.

This Week In Tomorrow will return to its normally-scheduled programming tomorrow with The Pink Salt Taste Test. Come back soon!


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Richard Ford Burley is a human, writer, and doctoral candidate at Boston College, as well as an editor at Ledger, the first academic journal devoted to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In his spare time he writes about science, skepticism, feminism, and futurism here at This Week In Tomorrow.