“Yes Good” | Vol. 4 / No. 22.4

Sometimes you see a bit of advertising so stupid it’s positively brilliant. This is one of those.

Ever heard of Emerald Nuts? No, me neither. Well, not until today. But Adweek’s blog Adfreak did a piece this week on the nut company’s latest ad campaign, and it’s too… something… not to share.

Basically, in June of last year, someone (quite possibly a bot) left a five-star review of their nuts on Amazon. The entire body of text read as follows: “Yes good”. Not even a period, I had to add that.

And then the folks at ad agency Barton F. Graf got hold of it and, well:

So kudos to Barton F. Graf, and congratulations to Emerald Nuts—you just got me to share your advertising. For free.


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Richard Ford Burley is a human, writer, and doctoral candidate at Boston College, as well as Deputy Managing Editor at Ledger, the first academic journal devoted to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In his spare time he writes about science, skepticism, feminism, and futurism here at This Week In Tomorrow.