Dennis Prager Advocates Harmful and Immoral Opinions About Morality | Vol. 4 / No. 21.2

Dennis Prager is a talk show host, and a religiously conservative one at that. I wouldn’t normally talk about such things on this blog, but the American Humanist Association’s Facebook page today shared one of his videos (mostly as a “here’s what we’re up against” kind of thing), and as far as I’m concerned it advocates for a poorly-considered line of reasoning that actively aids discrimination against atheists in America.
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The Pink Salt Taste Test | Vol. 3 / No. 50.2

Alright, so after some comments on last week’s post about “Himalayan salt” flavoured potato chips, I decided to do a little taste test. I’m a big fan of iodized salt because I don’t eat a ton of fish and I’m lactose intolerant and so iodized salt is the easiest place to get iodine (and because nobody’s a fan of goiters). Now, I can tell you for certain that there aren’t any health benefits to pink salt over not-pink salt, and that anyone who tells you pink salt is better for you is either lying to you or just plain old run-of-the-mill wrong.


People say there are differences in the taste of different salts. I was skeptical, but willing to see for myself, so here we go: a barely exploratory mostly unscientific n=1 one-subject single-blind (technically single blindfold) taste test of three kinds of salt.

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