Paging Chris Chibnall: Sue Perkins Is Free Now | Vol. 3 / No. 46.3

Dear Mr. Chibnall,

I know Peter Capaldi’s not leaving as the Doctor any time soon, and we all love him for it, but you see, the Great British Bake Off is moving to Channel 4, and Sue Perkins isn’t going with it. This is tragic news for GBBO fans, but a wonderful opportunity for the world, because Sue Perkins now could — indeed must — be the next Doctor.

She’s charming:


A bit weird:


She’s totally fine hanging out with people in cosplay:


She gets Shakespeare:


Make that delightfully weird:


And to top it all off she owns — and can pull off wearing — a shirt made of pure internet:


Now, I understand your reticence, because if you cast Sue Perkins as the Doctor while Peter Capaldi is still around it’ll be awkward — two Doctors and all that — but the show has done stranger things in the past, and there are stranger things yet to come. Make her the Doctor from a parallel universe if you have to. Just please. Make. This. Happen.

Yours in backseat driving, &c., &c.


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