Six Bored People on Sci-Fi Book Covers | Vol. 2 / No. 49.1


This woman, who is seriously questioning her life choices.


This woman, who finds an interdimensional portal and a muscular man clad only in smoke to be, well, okay. If you’re into that.


Oh no. Don’t grab me. No. Stop. *sigh*


This woman has just remembered she left the stove on. Oh, and she’s being abducted. Oh, no.


Oh, just get it over with already.


And this guy, who literally just can’t even.

vision_of_beasts - Edited

Row, row, row your… *sigh* How did I even end up here?

Happy Monday, folks.


Richard Ford Burley is a doctoral candidate in English at Boston College, where he’s writing about remix culture and the processes that generate texts in the Middle Ages and on the internet. In his spare time he writes about science, skepticism, and feminism (and old sci-fi cover art) here at This Week In Tomorrow.