Sweigart Report: Humans For Alien Tech | Vol. 4 / No. 20.4

Flying whatnows? | Image: Mr. Thinktank, CC BY 2.0

Because when someone tells you Eisenhower made a deal with aliens to give up a hundred thousand humans for alien tech, you know it’s time for a report.


My friend is a night auditor at a nice seaside hotel. He still acts in a customer service role when working at the front desk. When a customer is in the lounge and talking to him, he has to be engaged and polite. Even if he is obviously doing paperwork and the customer wants nothing more than to be a Chatty McTimeWaster.

And that’s how he ended up talking to a woman for two hours in the middle of the night about conspiracy theories. He survived, because he’s a professional like that. I won’t go through all of them, but I would like to mention that after some cursory research, the majority of her ramblings can be found on sites like Info Wars, which is run by Alex Jones.

The one that caught my attention was this:

Eisenhower secretly met with aliens and agreed that in exchange for technology, they would allow the aliens to abduct American citizens. It was supposed to be only 100,000, but now it is up to 4 million!

Wait. What? Sounded like the perfect Sweigart Report fodder.

Naturally, I had to google THAT.

I found this video, narrated by Microsoft Sam:

In 1954, former President Dwight Eisenhower made a pact with three species of aliens, Schneider said at a conference in 1995. In exchange for alien technology, Eisenhower allegedly gave permission for the aliens to abduct a limited number human beings to perform numerous experiments on Earth and in space. According to Schneider, the technology that aliens gave us as part of this exchange includes a type of metal that is almost indestructible.

Pretty sure this is Philip Schneider’s referenced lecture at the Preparedness Expo in 1995. It must be fate, because this full-length lecture was posted the same day I started writing this article. He has a strange story to tell and his death is shrouded with conspiracy as well.

It’s apparently a very popular conspiracy theory among the UFO people. The Watcher Files site has an entire page dedicated to the “Secret Treaty” between the US Government and aliens. It looks like someone copy/pasted their academic paper. It’s a rather fascinating read and feels like the basis of an alternate universe sci-fi book.

And yes, I did litter this article with links to Supernatural gifs.

Happy MonTueWed– …Thursday? Thursday. *sigh*


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