Sweigart Report: The “Please Let This Be Real And Not A Parody” Edition | Vol. 3 / No. 36.1

Some days, the crazies make you want to tear your hair out. And some days, oh my havens, they just make your day. Such was the case when I learned that one K. Jones of Miami, Florida has started a change.org petition to try to force Marriott (you know, the hotel chain) to change its tastes in bland, hotel-room art.

I can’t tell you if this is a parody or not, because Poe’s Law has come into full force. Here’s some excerpts from the petition:

“Marriott’s newly decorated “chemtrail rooms” promote chemtrails and geoengineering by making guests grow accustomed to the sight of chemtrails (as if this is a natural occurrence!) This is outrageous and they should not be promoting this government secret agenda.”

“Whether intentional or unintentional, promotion by Marriott and corporate America will not be tolerated, or the public will hit where it hurts…in their wallets.”

And the image in question?

Ah, the normalization of "chemtrails"... | Photo: No Idea But I Got It From This Petition
Hotel room “art” | Photo: No Idea But I Got It From This Petition

I just don’t know. Is it real? Is it making fun of chemtrailers? You decide.

Happy Monday, everyone.


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Richard Ford Burley is a human, writer, and doctoral candidate at Boston College, as well as an editor at Ledger, the first academic journal devoted to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In his spare time he writes about science, skepticism, feminism, and futurism here at This Week In Tomorrow.