#TBT: Tomáš Moravec Rides the Rails of Bratislava (On a Shipping Pallet) | Vol. 3 / No. 46.4


Photo: Tomáš Moravec

Because I’m travelling this week, I thought I’d just do a little Throwback Thursday to when artist Tomáš Moravec rode the rails in Bratislava with a basic shipping pallet and some basic wheels.

Tomáš Moravec riding the rails in Bratislava

There’s something delightfully post-apocalyptic about it, no? I wouldn’t advise you try it yourself, but I can’t exactly stop you, either.

You can see his whole portfolio (which has some very cool things in it) at tomasmoravec.cz, and view the full video of sliding down the rails (and catching up with a tram) at his Vimeo site.


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Richard Ford Burley is a human, writer, and doctoral candidate at Boston College, as well as an editor at Ledger, the first academic journal devoted to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In his spare time he writes about science, skepticism, feminism, and futurism here at This Week In Tomorrow.