Thyme Is On Your Side | Vol. 2 / No. 43.1

From the “when it becomes a fad” department, we have the following picture.


Now, let’s all understand that for people with coeliac disease, it’s sometimes hard to find things that are gluten-free. Wheat gluten shows up in a lot of unexpected places, like soy sauce, licorice, even hot dogs. But one thing you will not find it in is whole thyme. This is because there is only one ingredient in whole thyme, and it is thyme, of the whole variety. Sometimes, guys, you really just don’t need to advertise it. People with coeliac will just know, because they’ve had to do their research every day just to avoid a reaction. And if they don’t have coeliac, well, those people don’t need to know either.

And the next time I overhear someone in a restaurant saying they “can’t have gluten” but still want the bread rolls

Have a great Monday, folks.


Richard Ford Burley is a writer, library worker, and doctoral candidate in English at Boston College, where he’s studying remix culture and the processes that generate texts. In his spare time he writes about science, skepticism, and feminism (and unnecessary labeling) here at This Week In Tomorrow.