Who We Are


Richard Ford Burley is a writer, doctoral candidate at Boston College, and Deputy Managing Editor of Ledger, the first academic journal devoted to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. He’s also the founder and contributing editor of This Week In Tomorrow, and the author of the YA novel Mouse, coming soon from Prospective Press. You can follow his work at RichardFordBurley.com.

Elle Irise is an educator, writer, and independent scholar living in Cheyenne, Wyoming, as well as a regular contributor to This Week In Tomorrow. After receiving her MA in English from Boston College, she became an adjunct instructor in literature and composition at various colleges in Boston. She’s the former World Literature Area chair for NEPCA, and is a frequent participant at various popular culture conferences. She likes to read and write about contemporary fiction and graphic novels, with an emphasis on gender studies and the concept of the monstrous. She’s responsible for most of the Feminist Friday posts here at the site.

Katelyn Sweigart is a recovering woonatic in California and regular contributor at This Week In Tomorrow. She’s been a multimedia journalist, a magician’s assistant, a foster parent for dogs, and a freelance marketer. She is a complete geek, and wants to believe in magic, but rigorous testing keeps coming back negative. She’s also the writer responsible for the Sweigart Report posts that appear on Mondays (as well as some fiction that occasionally gets published for a good cause). You can follow her on twitter @katelynsweigart.

Prudence Wyoming is an occasional contributor to This Week In Tomorrow, as well as an ex-Army “hippie (but not a dirty hippie)” and sports-shooting-enthusiast-slash-treehugger, ruled by a Tiny House Panther and two adorkable Stinky Mutts. An official Mad Tinkerer, she’s pretty sure her husband will evict her if she picks up any more hobbies or crafts. She’s also a proud member of House Slytherin — because someone needs to be there to protect the Hufflepuffs (which she adores.)



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