Once Again, From the Top | Vol. 5 / No. 8.2

Sometimes, being a feminist blogger feels like living through Groundhog Day. Only instead of learning how to play the piano or stalking a woman, you’re having the same arguments over, and over, and over again. This week’s argument on repeat? Being criticized for being a woman is different from being criticized while being a woman. I have literally written about this four times already.

But now I get to write about it again, because Susan Collins.

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You’ve Got to be Kidding Me | Vol. 5 / No. 6.1

[Content warning: Sexual assault: Brock Turner case. Again. I was totally hoping to talk about something more pleasant this week, and then this dumbass had to go and get in the paper yet again. If talking about sexual assault is (understandably) not something you wanna do with your Friday then please join me next week where I will, I hope, be getting to talk about something less awful.]
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